Bridge Pizza, Reataurant

The Finest Italian Restaurant in England Is Here

London bridge pizzaThe IL più Bello Italian restaurant in London is certainly Salotto31. Rumour has it that the moment you step inside this fine Italian restaurant, you are bound to get mesmerised by the atmosphere itself. The services offered are a whole new adventure to our new customers and a regular state of the art to the existing customers. With chefs from far away from Napoli, the ingredient’s from Italy and an extra delightful customer service, we pride ourselves on being nothing but the best Italian restaurants in the city.

About Us

The London Bridge Pizza is the chief pizzerias in town offering the famous Italians pizzas like Lovat Spianata, Margherita pizza, Salotto, Burrata and Parma etc. We have a very good reputation when it comes to Pizza in the area of London Bridge. We have original recipe and secret ingredient coming right away from the birthplace of pizzas and are made by chefs that have dedicated their lives to pizzas, chefs that are called the experts of pizzas, chefs that are accustomed to hear words like ”bravo”, ”marvellous”, chefs that get eternal happiness when it comes to make their customers feel more than satisfied.

Our Dedication

We also have our branch in one of the busiest stations in London, the Monument Station. The Monumet station pizza is one of the busiest Italian restaurants in London. Offering the same services as of our London Bridge branch, we are here to serve yourselves in a manner that will blow your hearts with the pleasure of taste and satisfaction. At Salotto 31, we have always considered our customer’s satisfaction as our prime goal and probably this is the reason why we are able to earn a good name for ourselves.

Making your evening Meraviglioso!

You can make a reservation for a table of your choice, or you can order your favourite Italian mean over a phone too. We also host a number of events that are able to make things transparent to us and our customers. There is a Salotto 31 in every financial district of London. Come once and remember forever the lively taste of Italy served by us.


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