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The Finest Italian Restaurant in England Is Here

London bridge pizzaThe IL più Bello Italian restaurant in London is certainly Salotto31. Rumour has it that the moment you step inside this fine Italian restaurant, you are bound to get mesmerised by the atmosphere itself. The services offered are a whole new adventure to our new customers and a regular state of the art to the existing customers. With chefs from far away from Napoli, the ingredient’s from Italy and an extra delightful customer service, we pride ourselves on being nothing but the best Italian restaurants in the city.

About Us

The London Bridge Pizza is the chief pizzerias in town offering the famous Italians pizzas like Lovat Spianata, Margherita pizza, Salotto, Burrata and Parma etc. We have a very good reputation when it comes to Pizza in the area of London Bridge. We have original recipe and secret ingredient coming right away from the birthplace of pizzas and are made by chefs that have dedicated their lives to pizzas, chefs that are called the experts of pizzas, chefs that are accustomed to hear words like ”bravo”, ”marvellous”, chefs that get eternal happiness when it comes to make their customers feel more than satisfied.

Our Dedication

We also have our branch in one of the busiest stations in London, the Monument Station. The Monumet station pizza is one of the busiest Italian restaurants in London. Offering the same services as of our London Bridge branch, we are here to serve yourselves in a manner that will blow your hearts with the pleasure of taste and satisfaction. At Salotto 31, we have always considered our customer’s satisfaction as our prime goal and probably this is the reason why we are able to earn a good name for ourselves.

Making your evening Meraviglioso!

You can make a reservation for a table of your choice, or you can order your favourite Italian mean over a phone too. We also host a number of events that are able to make things transparent to us and our customers. There is a Salotto 31 in every financial district of London. Come once and remember forever the lively taste of Italy served by us.

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Get The Best Pizza Restaurant In London Bridge

London bridge pizzaPizza is a favourite dish in almost all parts of the world. Topped with tomato sauce, vegetables, meats and condiments, pizza is eaten by the individuals of all age groups from a child to the old. However, some of you have query like where to eat pizza. As the London Bridge area is flooded with a large number of restaurants, so the query Where to Eat Pizza gets bigger and worrisome for you.

You know you can make the task to get the best Pizza in the London Bridge area easier. First of all, you need to know your taste. It means you need to find out what type of this dish you like to have in your dinner or lunch. Deciding the type as per your taste will help you in finding the best one for you.

Now, you need to know the restaurants in the London Bridge or in your own locality offering the pizzas of your choice. For this, you can visit all the restaurants in the London Bridge, the Monument Station area or take support of the Internet to find out the best one. You can ask your friends, colleagues or known persons to refer the restaurants serving the best pizza.

After getting a list of the London Bridge Restaurants, you can classify them based on the prices, discounts and the time taken in serving the pizza to the customers. You should never make the price a hard line for the selection of restaurant for pizza eating. Stay focus on the taste, hygiene and overall quality of this dish. Never consider about the one available at the lowest price, as it may be lower in quality.

You order or eat pizza when you want to enjoy the time with your loved ones or you do not want to cook food due to your sharp hunger. It means you will want to receive your ordered pizza as soon as possible. Therefore, you should think about the restaurant, which offers Pizza in the London Bridge within the stated time. If you love eating delicious pizza on a regular basis, choose the London Bridge Restaurant that offers huge discount on pizza without any compromise in taste, hygiene and ingredients. In brief, you need to keep your taste, choice, price, time take in serving, etc in your mind to get the best and the most delicious pizza in the London Bridge area.

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Get The Best Wine Bar City Of London

Main-Dining-Room_060-1Among the entire wine faculty provider in the area, it is essential to go for the best one to find the superior serving. While you are attending a business get together or is trying to make way for some kind of occasional event, it becomes important to go for the best wine bar city of London. The firm provides amazing provision and the restaurant is not only recognised for its breakfast offering decency but it is also consequently famous for making it as the superior kind of wine bar facility. The place is also known for its spectacular surrounding. The rooms of the locations offer comfort zones and each of the floor mentions adequate cleanliness and hygiene in the location. It makes it available for all that you would demand. It also features organic and natural goods along with conventional delicacies, wherein you would receive an amazing combination of chef-driven drinks and foods. You can easily get everything here, starting from the basic prepared foods to the yummy dishes. The residents will certainly enjoy staying at this place.

Last but not the least, it is also known for offering such awesome friendly services to the guests. Anyone would love visiting this accommodation again and again. The firm believes in the adage that goes like food is the best universal way to bring people together and we strictly stick to these words. The stunning professional services undertaken by qualified individuals make sure that you receive all the amenities just as you need without any issue. Amidst all these, North Italy wine selection is one of the best provisions of this industry where you can make your occasion even more remarkable and cherishable. Along with so many lunch options, the hot bar is another quick and convenient method of having lunch and the firm does that pretty well. With the amazing customer services and awesome facility, the firm has received a good deal of reputation from the present marketers for achieving ideal services at the most competitive prices.


The Perfect Place To Have A Fine Dining In London

Italian restaurant LondonSalottto 31 is a place where you will get the finest Italian food. We are well known for our best hospitality from the time being when you enter the door. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you will get to receive a smile along with some of our excellent customer service. There are some of the best services that are offered by the fine dining London. Some of them includes:

  • Recharged Breakfast: The breakfast is flourishing in the London bridge restaurant as most of the bankers and the brokers usually meet over coffee and egg. So the place provides you with the stuff and the location of the place adds an extra beauty to it.
  • Wine Bar: One of the hidden gem of the place is the secrete Wine Bar. Along with the wide ranging list of the wine, the shop even deals with the pleasant and enjoyable snacks. Some extra characteristic to the place include freshly Italian salumy and also a superlative chess board.
  • Pizza: The chefs that are present in the restaurant are all from Napoli. And the dough is generally made from the flour that is imported from all the way Italy. It adds quality and provides the pizza with the best authentic taste. The toppings of the pizza are chosen for their best quality and in turns guarantee the tastiest pizza in London.

Once you get to visit at our place, then you can understand the true meaning of the Italian food. We provide you with the best and freshly prepared Italian cuisine.

The main vision of our is to have a Salotto 31 in each financial district of London. So you can easily book a breakfast, lunch or even dinner in order to taste the fine dining London over a unique location too.  If you get a chance to visit Salotto 31 restaurant, then you will also have some visual experience. The restaurant illustrates the exclusive combination of the Italian excellence with the eye-catching dishes to the perfect dining area.


3 Main Steps To Find The Finest Italian Food

Italian restaurant London

I know we have different conditions on different days. As you are busy in fulfilling your personal and professional needs so, it sometimes is hard for you to prepare and take meal at home. In addition, you want to have a change in having your meal. Both of these two make you go to a restaurant to have your meal.

Getting a restaurant for having Italian meal is not a constraint for a resident of London, but being a new to this global city makes it hard for you to find the Finest Italian Food for you. As a human, you find it hard to suppress your desire of having such a meal. As London is a Continental city so, you can find a restaurant serving the Italian cuisine to its customers after making effort and investing your valuable time. Here are three simple steps that you should take:

Find a restaurant close to the London Bridge

London, as a global city, houses numerous restaurants that offer varied food. Find a London Bridge Restaurant, if you are willing to have the finest foods of Italy. Close to the London Bridge, there are numerous restaurants where you can taste the Italian meals of your own choice & flavour. Salotto 31 is the one, which you can choose for having Italian meals.

Have a look at the menu

In your way to have the Finest Italian Food, you need check have a close look at the menu of more than one restaurant close to the London Bridge. This will help you in knowing that you would have the food of your taste and flavour or not.

Take a glance of the infrastructural setup and hygiene

You know finding a London Bridge Restaurant and having a look at the menu do not guarantee you that you will have one of the best Italian meals. As you are at a restaurant to have dine out so, you need to take a look of the infrastructural setup and cleanness there. In addition, try to find out the process and the ingredients used in cooking food there.

I am sure these three steps will guide you to have the Finest Italian Food in London.